Sunday, August 19, 2012

Power Ranger Birthday Party

My little boy has suddenly become obsessed with Power Rangers.  He found some of his older brother's toys and he found the videos on Netflix.  So, he was determined to have a Power Ranger party.  Power Rangers have changed over the years... anything from Jungle Fury, to Operation Overdrive... and now they are Samurai Rangers.  I mostly used the Samurai Rangers because they have really cool graphics on their masks... and because it was easier to find things online.

I dressed him up in some of his Power Ranger gear and took his picture.  Then I made a simple invite and printed it as a 4x6 photo.
On the front door, I had a sign with Power Up... getting them ready.
On the door to the back yard, I put a Power Ranger Training Zone.  When we went into the back yard, it was set up with six stations for Power Ranger Training.  I printed signs and stuck them in the grass on wooden stakes.
The first training was "Be Careful"  The kids did relay races with a jewel on a spoon.

The second station was "Be Strong"  We had a tug of war with a bunch of 4 year olds.... it took them a few minutes to actually figure out the concept, but they finally got it.
Station #3 was "Teamwork"  (I somehow forgot to take a picture of that station).  The kids had a partner and they had to hold a balloon between them and race to the wall and back.

Station #4 was "Defeat the Bad Guys"  I printed pix of bad guys and glued them to soup cans.  Then I made bean bags and had them knock down the tower of cans with the bean bags.  The kids really loved that one too.

Station #5 was "Save the Good Guys"  I had frozen a bunch of Power Ranger toys in a bowl.  My original plan was to have them push the ice block around until it melted.... even in this heat, that was going to take forever.  So, we improvised and got out squirt guns for the kids.  That worked really well and they all had a blast.... if I ever do a party like that again, that will be my plan from the start!

Station #6 was an "Obstacle Course"  My hubby was in charge of this one.... it involved walking on a 4x4, climbing over the hay and weaving in and out of the swings.  (I missed the kids doing this because I had to take someone to the bathroom)

When the kids finished their training, they all got a Power Ranger badge.  I just printed the graphics from One Charming Party and added the power ranger symbol to the middle.

His cake was the red power ranger mask... out of fondant.  Not one of my best cakes, but he still loved it!
I got a sheet off ebay for super cheap and used that as the table cloth.  I used his toys to decorate down the center of the table.

I just bought cheap blue plates, napkins and silverware from the dollar store... but I can't resist the striped straws.  We got mini cans of tiki punch and put a Power Ranger label on them.
After cake and ice cream we went outside to break the piñata.  I made the piñata like the gold power ranger mask.  To make the piñata I used a balloon and a mixture of 2 parts water to 1 part flour.  I did three coats with letting it dry overnight in between.  I spray painted the gold.  Then used black acrylic paint to paint on the mask shape.
We finally had to get the metal bat out to break this thing!

I can't have a party without a banner.  I used all of the Power Ranger colors to make the flags and cut the letters on my Cricut.  I made a few power ranger symbols to separate the words.
For party favors, I put pop rocks, ring pops and a small drink in a cellophane bag... I don't know... that kind of stuff seemed Power Rangery to me:)  And I found the Power Ranger mask rings on to put on the treat bags!
Lastly, the birthday boy had to have a shirt!  I just cut the Power Ranger blue mask symbol out of black fabric and appliquéd it to the shirt!  easy peasy...

This really was a pretty simple party and the birthday boy loved it!!!