Thursday, February 25, 2010

Creative Guest on Ucreate!

I am soooo excited!!! I am going to be the Creative Guest on Ucreate !!! I love Ucreate. I always check out this blog when I'm looking for inspiration. I will be doing a tutorial on how to make my picture frames with vinyl images on the glass!

You can see more of my frames here.

If you are interested in purchasing some frames already made, visit my Etsy shop.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Trinket Bag

In my blog surfing, I noticed that Made and Made by Rae were doing "Celebrate the Boy" for the month of February. Since I have 3 boys of my own, I've been checking out their blog all month. Both of the blogs had different posts about bags for boys. On Made, Dana has a super cute Hobo Sack. Love it, love it... totally cute!!! Then, over on Made by Rae, there was a guest post by Amazing Mae. She had these darling Trinket Keepers.

I have a little boy who I would say is a bit OCD. He decides that he likes a toy and will play with it non stop for days (until he's bored.) He's great about organizing things and lining things up and he loves to put things in groups in baggies. So, to save me some money on Ziploc bags, I thought I would make him is own drawstring bag. I liked the look of the trinket keeps on Amazing Mae, but I liked the idea of a bit bigger of a bag.

Right now his obsession is Trios. But that changes. So I didn't want his bag labeled for his toys because I'd be making a new bag every other day. So, my husband and I call our kids by the initial. I thought it would be cute to have is bag just say "Big J." Then he would use it for whatever his favorite toy is for the week.

So this is what I came up with:) I used my Cricut to cut the letter J out. I appliqued the J on the bag. Then I used my cricut to cut a stencil out of freezer paper. I stenciled acrylic paint over the bag and J and there it is. I then sewed it into a simple drawstring bag with a grosgrain ribbon tie.

He loves it and he takes his treasures everywhere with him now.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Angie's Door and Anisa's Mom's Headboard

A few years ago, my mom got a new front door. She loved her front door tons and didn't want to just get rid of it, so she had my little brother make it into a headboard. It's pretty cute, isn't it?

After I met Angie, I found out that she had the same front door. That's kind of crazy, isn't it? So, here is a before picture of the headboard/door.

I love doors... especially fun ones like these!!! I would love to find a cool old door to make into a corner bookshelf for my kitchen!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Crown Molding Shelves

If you live in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, I have a great deal on some awesome crown molding shelves for you!!! My little brother has started a little business making these beautiful shelves.

He sells them by the foot prices... painted or unpainted. Check out his blog for details.
This black one is a huge 10 ft. shelf that he made for my mom's bedroom. How fun to have one of these shelves all along a room to display other fun crafting projects.... I think I'm going to have him make me one for my living room.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Craft room Storage Crates

I have a cute white desk in my craft room that I purchased on a few years ago. I love the style and simplicity of it, but the desk has open shelves on it. The open shelves are very deep and I have never been able to find the right size of baskets to fit the shelves. So, considering the fact that I love to cut wood, I decided I was going to make my own wooden crates... that way I could make them to perfectly fit under my desk.

And they fit perfectly.... it's almost scary. I only made three and now looking at the pictures, I'm wondering if I should make one more. I have my Cricut mats and paper trimmers on the top shelf and they kind of hang out so they wouldn't fit in a crate. I guess I could find somewhere else to store them so that I could have a perfectly even desk storage.
I had so much fun building them. I love it when I get to use tools and saws without my hubby's help... it's even better that he's willing to clean up my sawdust mess:)
My ultimate goal is to get this craft room organized enough that I can take pictures of the whole room and post them for you... one step at a time.... Here's a preview of one wall.