Wednesday, May 18, 2011

School poster

With all the busyness of Brenner's birthday, I also had to make a poster for his "Starfish of the Week." I love making these. They are always so fun.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lego Party

My little boy turned 7 today!!! He wanted a Lego party. So I spent months scouring the blogging world for ideas. There are TONS of great ideas out there for Lego parties. I took what I liked from each blog and ran with it.
These were my favorite Lego Party Invitations. You can get the free printable HERE.
I also loved her idea with the Lego decorations. But I took it a little different direction and made a banner.
The kids loved that the banner was two sided... I think I'm going to hang it in the kids play room.
I got the Lego Pinata idea HERE. My only change to it was that instead of painting it, I did the second layer of paper mache with green paper. FYI, make sure you really enforce the hanging part... my string fell out and I had to re-tie it.
I thought I'd try to make some Lego Head Marshmellow Pops... I got the idea HERE. I just used regular frosting because I didn't want to buy an expensive pen. In the end, they turned out cute, but I was having problems with them right and left... I would probably leave them out next time.
We just used brightly colored birthday plates and napkins from the dollar store. I got the idea for the water bottles HERE. The party favor boxes were totally cute. I downloaded the free printable HERE.
For games,
  • we played "guess how many legos are in the jar?"
  • we had Lego car races... kids built their legos and raced them down a ramp.
  • we did a relay race where the kids had to take the legos from the full container to the empty container using a ladel.
  • and we played "pin the mustache on the lego guy."
For a downloadable pdf file of the Lego guy, click HERE.
And last, but not least, no Lego party is complete without a Lego cake! I made it with fondant to give the Legos that nice smooth look.

So, if you've noticed that I haven't posted in a while, its because I've been spending all of my free time planning and preparing for this Lego party!!! It was tons of fun and a huge success.