Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet {Carnival}

Just thought I would finally post pictures from our blue and gold banquet.  We decided to have a carnival theme.  Mostly because we thought serving hot dogs would be easy!

On the back wall of the gym we wanted to set up a display for the boys to show off what they have done in scouts the past year.
 I took pictures of the boys dressed like clowns the weeks previous and printed them to hang on the wall.  I also had fans that I had used for previous occasions that I was just able to add cute centers to from Catch My Party.
 Love that I got to hang them with mustache washi tape.
 I made these pinwheel centerpieces a few years ago for the blue and gold banquet.  Then I have just been able to add to them for whatever theme we have.  This year I made some red/white stripe to go with them and cut out some mustaches on my Silhouette.  We also had popcorn, animal crackers and peanuts and mints for table scatter.
 I had made this "concessions" sign for a family reunion a few years ago.  It still worked out nicely.  We also had a sign that said "Pack 407" at the entrance to the gym (didn't get a pic).
 We served hot dogs and chips... easy peasy.

We had each den come up with a game that would help the boys with one of their achievements or electives.
Our wolves came up with a ring toss and a ball toss in cans.
 The bears did a bean bag toss... the boys even painted the lion themselves.
And I used my mustache washi tape to mark off on the floor where they could throw from.
The Webelos den had a photo booth... My amazing Webelos leader had a lot of props and the kids and adults had a blast posing for the camera.
 And to finish the night, we had cotton candy!
The boys and families had a good time!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Grad Gift with Free Printable {Pizza Dough}

I am always looking for a creative idea for Grad gifts... I'm at that age where a lot of my nieces and nephews are graduating from high school.  Last year I did this... and the year before I did this...

This year I came across this link on Pinterest.  The link just goes to a jpeg... and it's a Christmas gift, but I took the idea and ran with it.

 I went to my local pizza store and asked for a box... the girl didn't want to give it to me, but finally did.  I turned the pizza box inside out because I really just wanted the outside to be the neutral tan color.  

I made this free printable... (link here).  I just found free clipart online and added text in photoshop.
When you open the box, you find pizza "dough" made out of dollar bills (I'm cheap) and pepperoni that is quarters.  I folded the bills into triangles to make it look more like pizza. Then just rolled up scotch tape and taped it to the box.

 On the inside of the lid, we glued a yellow paper to cover the box top and wrote our message on it.
That's it... easy peasy... except maybe folding the bills.