Thursday, May 23, 2013

Western Blue & Gold Cub Scout Banquet

Howdy partner!  I just wanted to take a few minutes to share with your our blue and gold banquet this year!  I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I'm not creative!  I'm great at stealing other people's ideas and making them fabulous.  A friend of mine did a western theme in her ward, so I stole her idea.
Let's start with the invitations...
I wanted them to look like a "wanted" poster.  I looked at several ideas online and combined them to make it work for me.  I have photoshop elements and I love it... it's easy to use and inexpensive.  I tore the edges and inked them to make them look old and dirty.
 My favorite part of the whole thing was my centerpieces.  I borrowed and bought a few bandanas... I wanted them to be blue or gold.  Then, I went to my dad's farm and cut some old barb wire off a broken fence.  I just wrapped it in a circle twice and wired it together.  The pinwheels in the mason jars were made for the blue and gold banquet last year.  I simply added a cowboy silhouette cut from my "A Child's year" cricut cartridge.  And I found some bandana print ribbon at Michael's to put on the mason jar.  Then, I tossed a horse shoe on the table with it!  I only drew blood a few times, but totally worth it!
 Here's a picture of the whole table.  I wish I would have gotten one with the food on it!  We went to Village Inn and they donated old pie tins to us to use for our dishes...
 In the back of the gym, I hung a line with "Wanted" posters of each boy.  I went around to their den meetings the week before took their pix.

Here's a close up... it has the scout oath at the bottom.  Thanks for the idea Brandy!
So, here is a picture of the whole back side of the gym.  (P.S.  I hate the colors of our church)

 On the other side of the gym, I set up the "chuck wagon."  I cut a few bandanas up into a banner and cut letters out of black felt to attach to them.  We served sloppy joes... and sarsaparilla (homemade rootbeer) and had everyone else bring salads, baked beans or dessert.

 My son was assigned to bring dessert, so I made a cactus cake... it was super easy.  I just baked it in a glass pyrex bowl.  Then I frosted it with green frosting... kind of a spiky tip... I can't remember the tip names.  Then I stuck spaghetti in it!  The "dirt" was crushed cookies.
Our church does not have a stage...weird huh?  So, I set up my own stage.  My brother just so happened to have a wooden cow (but that's whole long story).  I borrowed the cute milk jugs from my friend Brandy.  And I just made a stage by hanging bandanas over some twine.  For the entertainment, we went through the scout books to find something that was a requirement (or elective) for the boys.  The wolves did a skit, the bears made their own instruments and had a band and the webelos did the scout promise in sign language.

 Finally, here is a picture of the other side of the gym!  It seriously turned out soooo cute!!!