Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1 Craft-3 Ways: Aprons

For our 1 Craft 3 Ways this month we decided to make aprons. It was so fun to see the different patterns and fabric that we each chose.

I have a friend who is an awesome cake decorator. She teaches classes at Hobby Lobby and I told her a LONG time ago that I would make her an apron. So, I finally made her one for her birthday! I bought this cute fabric at Hobby Lobby:) I don't do well with patterns, but my mother-in-law had an apron similar to THIS pattern that you can buy at Material Girls. I just kind of looked at the pattern and made my own version. I will do a tutorial for this apron in the near future or you can purchase the pattern here. I went a little apron crazy and I have another apron in the works that is made out of a pillow case (tutorial coming soon) I also made an apron similar to this one that I am going to be GIVING AWAY soon in a CONTEST that we have coming up.... stay tuned!!!

Aprons are the uniform of motherhood. I didn't believe that until I put one on while I was cleaning my kitchen. Guess what? I wanted to clean! But, I'm not in love with the aprons I have in my drawer already. This post was the perfect opportunity to create a new and beautiful uniform that I would love wearing. The fabric was found at a local quilting store on clearance and the pattern came from my moms stash. (Seriously, we're talking the late 70s!) When I saw the simplicity of the aprons, I knew it would be easy to update it. Instead of making the the neck strap and waist ties out of fabric, I used some inch-wide grosgrain ribbon that contrasted with my main colors. I also added the yellow gingham ruffle to the bottom for a little extra femininity. It was such a quick and easy apron and I love that it wraps completely around me. (In fact, Cami told me-ok, she dared me- I should wear it to church. Looking at this photo, I almost could!)

I had no desire to make an apron per se, but looked forward to sharpening my sewing skills (which compared to Angie's and Anisa's, need a lot of work). I asked a small group of friends if anyone wanted an apron. At least three volunteered to help by accepting one. I'm lucky that some graciously deferred and I only had to make one.

However, as soon as I started flipping through Angie's copy of A is for Apron, I found myself in love with at least three different ones and came home with the fabric store with fabric for nearly that many.

I settled on this one for starters. A simple, big pocketed design which filled Jeana's only requirement: she wanted a big bow in the back.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Glass Etching

My sister in law thinks I'm crafty.... I wonder where she gets that idea. So, a couple of weekends ago, she called me up and said she needed to do some glass etching. This is a craft I have never done. I'm up for trying a new craft any time. So, off we went to buy some fun glass stuff.

Here's the basics of glass etching.

1. You need to make a stencil. We used the Cricut to cut a stencil out of contact paper. I'm sure that is way easier than trying to cut out a stencil with an exacto knife. What we discovered was that you need to have a stencil that is one continuous pattern. You don't want to have to put tons of tiny pieces into place.
2. We stuck our stencil on what we wanted to etch. Can I just say that it was really hard to wrap the stencil around the vase. I would suggest flat surfaces or a pretty straight image for a vase.
3. We used this glass etching cream. You dab the etching cream on according to package directions (I would check your local craft store for etching cream.)

I love the finished project... They turned out sooo cute. This is definitely a craft project that I need to perfect. For us beginners, it was a lot of trial and error. Make sure you have lots of extra contact paper:) -Anisa

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wood Craft Workshops

We had a little bit of chilly weather last week and I couldn't believe that fall was coming yet. Well, it warmed back up, but it is still almost time for fall crafts. So, if you live in the Salt Lake Valley and want to come and craft with me, this months crafts are...

Fall Leaf Trio: Leaves-$5, Stands-$3 (I plan on having different toppers for the stands every month)
Acorn: $12
Scarecrow Yard Stake: $20 (This guy is HUGE! and so cute. He will look adorable in your yard or stuck in a bale of straw on the front porch)
Owl: $15 (can I just say how much I love owls right now! I think this guy is sooo cute. You may paint him fall colors or you could paint him whatever colors you want. I have a lot of paint colors, but if you want specific colors, just let me know. Also, you could make him hanging if you want. Just let me know and I'll round out the bottom a little more.)

Class Dates:
Tuesday, Aug. 18th 6-9 pm
Wed. Aug. 26th 6-9 pm
Thurs. Aug. 27th 6-9 pm

Price of wood craft includes wood, paint, and all the supplies that you need to complete the craft. All you need to do is show up (and bring your money:)

-Anisa (

Friday, August 7, 2009

What time is it?

It's craft time:)

Okay, that was cheesy, but I just wanted to post this cute clock that I finally finished! (my big hold up was not wanting to pay $6 for the clock plus $3 for the hands, but I got the clock 40% off so it was just about $7 total for the clock parts)

The process.....

  • buy the cute scrapbook paper (this happened to already be this shape)
  • trace the shape onto the wood
  • cut out the wood (or pay me to cut it out for you)
  • stain the wood
  • mod podge the paper onto the wood
  • adhere stickers (I used my Cricut to cut mine out of vinyl but any stickers would work)
  • drill a hole in the center
  • insert clock (according to pkg directions)
  • hang on wall

So, I need help from our readers....

Would you buy this clock? Is it cute enough? How much would you pay for it? I am thinking about making clocks for a craft boutique or to sell on Etsy. Please leave a comment and help me out!


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