Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

Time has flown by and I haven't had time (at all) to blog.  Working full time, moving, and life have taken up any of my spare time!  So, I brought my laptop to work...
Over labor day weekend, we had a baby shower for my sister-in-law and her baby boy.  It started out being a book shower, but as we continued to plan, there was just so many cute things that were Dr. Seuss that we decided to keep it just Dr. Seuss... and books:)
 The idea all began when I saw this post on Pinterest.  I loved the idea of having everyone bring her a book instead of a card.  As I continued to search for ideas I came across this idea of a library card pocket.  I found a free printable for the library card and a template for the pocket on Creature Comforts.  I was able to customize the library card and then I hand cut all of the pockets.
 I wanted to add a cute Dr. Seuss graphic, but I ran out of time... it's all good!
We had this table set up when the guests walked in the door.
1 Fish, 2 Fish, guess how many fish?  I had a jar of Swedish Fish for the guests to guess how many fish.  The jar was just an old pickle jar (or something like that...I save all of my empty glass jars).  I spray painted the lid.
We had a stack of Dr. Seuss books with a cute ribbon for decoration.
I had already made these banners for girls camp.  They were perfect colors!  So, I hung them up throughout the living room and kitchen.

I found Dr. Seuss stuffed animals for $1 each at a yard sale.  They were brand new.  The dollar section of Target had Dr. Seuss bags and cards and such.  I used my mom's antique china hutch and set up a Gift Table.  
Here's a close up.
For the food table, my sister in law bought these cute stacking blocks.  We put them in the center of the table.
Now for the food... in no particular order.  I used this site to create my signs.  You can actually type text in the bubbles and print it.  I didn't like the font, so I saved the images with the bubble and used photoshop to add my text so I could choose any text that I wanted.    I put the name of the food and the book that it was from under.
 Cat in the Hat Fruit Kabobs.

 "Hop on Pop"corn
 Thing 1 Thing 2 Cupcakes (my sister-in-law made these... she's the cupcake queen)
 Truffala Seeds
Green eggs... 
 ... and ham (sandwiches)

Pink Ink Yink Drink (which was really just wedding punch... raspberry sherbet with sprite)
 Now, here's the part where I went wrong.... I thought since it was a book party... and since I don't like shower games that it would be FUN to make a quiet book for Sydney... I don't think many other people shared in my fun.  I had a few cousins and an aunt help... a little... I basically spent HOURS finding patterns and getting them ready... and I spent hours finishing the book... and I'm not quite done yet.  So, I wouldn't suggest this idea... play cheesy games instead!  However, the quiet book is REALLY cute and I will post pictures as soon as I finish it all the way.

 I really wanted to have party favors... little baggies of Swedish fish with this sign on them.  But my mom talked me out of it.  Instead, I made this sign to hang on the door as people left.  And I made Sydney some thank you notes to give to her guests.  (I don't seem to have a picture of the thank you notes, but they are sitting on the Cat in the Hat's lap on the gift table)

If you are interested in any other baby shower ideas... visit my Pinterest Board.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Chewsing" to be Reverent {gum wrapper printable}

One of the problems that I struggle with in Primary is reverence.  The kids really struggle with being quiet and paying attention.  A few months ago I made reverence sashes.  I have two kids stand up in front and wear the sash and fold their arms... they are my examples.  To thank them for being reverent, I give them a piece of gum.  So, I thought I would share with you the cute printable that I made to cover the gum.

The wrapper is 2.5"x2.5"  You simply wrap it around the piece of gum and glue it in the back.  

You can try clicking on the above image and just saving it.  You will want to print it 8.5x11 and then cut out the individual pieces.  Or you can try downloading this link:
gum wrapper multiple.jpg - - photo sharing - download image
I'm thinking about also having a few that I can walk around and give to the kids when I catch them being reverent.