Saturday, August 11, 2012

Girls' Camp Flags

Do you remember this flag that I made for girls' camp?  
 Girls' Camp has come and gone... it was a blast:)  but I'm kind of glad that responsibility is off my shoulders now!  I thought I post pix of the flag at camp.  I ended up making quite a few bunting pieces... So we got to hang them up all over our pavilion.
The backdrop to our amphitheater stage was a banner of each country.  This is the banner that I made.  I tried to make it a little more simple.  I used a towel again... because in Finland it's a very popular past-time to hang out in the sauna.  I used water fabric for the outline of the country because Finland has over 200,000 lakes.  And I put an Angry Bird on our flag because the company that makes Angry Birds is from Finland.

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