Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baby "Shower"

My two youngest sisters-in-law are having babies!!!  Both in September.  One is having a boy and one is having a girl.  I'm super excited to have babies in the family!  And I'm having fun making baby gifts and planning showers!
Shower #1 for baby girl was this past weekend.  I LOVED this idea of a "Shower" themed baby shower.  I pretty much copied what she did, but added a few minor details.... and took out a few.
 Here are my invitations... pictures don't do them justice.  The cloud is a shimmery paper.
 Here is kind of an overall picture of the table set-up.  We had it outside in my sister-in-law's back yard.
 We hung rain cloud (tissue paper pom poms) from the arbor above her patio.
 This umbrella is a vintage umbrella that my grandma had.... It was actually the reason I wanted to do the "shower" themed shower.  The original ruffle was white and was quite dingy.  So, I unpicked the ruffle and attached a new ruffle.  My sister-in-law had made these pink coffee filter poofs for another shower, so we stuck them in the umbrella.
 We made watering can centerpieces and used them to mark the path into the back yard.

I loved this idea of centerpieces out of rain boots.  I borrowed boots from some of my friends that have girls.  They turned out so adorable!!!  We punched the flowers out of solid and patterned papers and had them in varying sizes.  We put buttons in the center.  Then we hot glued them back to back onto the wooden skewers.
 This is what the table looked like when it was the food table.  The Partyland near my home sells sixlets candy in solid super fun colors. I had my mother-in-law put those in cute glass containers.  We had a pasta salad and rolls from Texas Roadhouse:)
I couldn't resist the cute striped straws.  They are so adorable.  I would have had us drink out of mason jars, but we were travelling almost 300 miles for this shower and I didn't want to haul the mason jars in the car.
 Here is the dessert table.  My cute niece made oreo truffles covered in pink candy melts... yummy:)

I made the cupcakes.  I used the same shimmery paper to make the clouds for the cupcakes.  I found the sprinkles and wrappers at Michaels.  ( However I just ordered some super cute striped and animal print cupcake wrappers from Pick Your Plum this morning)
I used this White Texas Sheet Cake recipe for the cupcakes and they were super moist and super delicious!
I think the shower turned out great and we are super excited for baby Jennika to get here:)


  1. So cute!
    Sadly, it took me a long time to grasp on to the why of the clouds and rain and umbrellas. Yup "SHOWER"! Hello!

  2. Adorable. Love the invite and center pieces!

  3. Good to see these baby shower arrangements. I really liked everything as have arranged everything amazingly. Want to have something good and adorable like yours for my sister’s baby shower at one of LA event venues. Will use these ideas and surely everyone will love these ideas.