Wednesday, January 9, 2013

a few things to make my life easier

I have come across a few products in the last month that have made my life a little bit easier... in a little way.   And in my crazy busy life, every LITTLE bit helps:)

The first product is called "Awesome."  Awesome is an all-purpose cleaner and de-greaser.  My sister in law told me about it because she uses it as a stain remover for clothing.  She said it gets her son's clothes really clean and even gets dry-erase marker out of clothes... Awesome!  When I went to my local Family Dollar to pick some up, the ladies at the store told me it was great to remove grease and great as a carpet cleaner.  I used it in my Hoover steam cleaner to clean my carpets and it did a fantastic job.  I have been using it to clean my bathrooms, kitchen, etc. 
But the best thing for me, has been my grout!  I have tried several things I have found on Pinterest and none of them have worked very well.  I simply spray the awesome on the grout, wait 5 minutes or so, brush lightly with a toothbrush and it comes clean!  I then use a mop bucket and rag with just water to mop up any left-over awesome!  As you can see in this before and after picture, my tile looks awesome!  And the great part is that it's super cheap!  It's $1 for a spray bottle and $3 for a half gallon at the Family Dollar.  I've also seen it at Walmart.
 The second product is the Bounce dryer bar. I just happened upon it at the grocery store and I have loved it!  The clothes are static free, smell great.... and.... I don't have to throw away a stupid dryer sheet!  I hate throwing away those stupid dryer sheets.  (here's my disclaimer... I have read bad reviews on other blogs.  I haven't had any problems with it falling off the dryer or ruining my clothes... I've had it for about 2 months and it's been great for me.  It is kind of expensive... I think I paid $7 for a 4 month refill, but it's been worth it to me.)

Now, if I could just find a way to have more time in my day, I'd be set!