Friday, July 22, 2011

Scholes Circus

Welcome to the.....
It all began when I saw this article in my June 2011 article of Scrapbooks Etc.

I just couldn't get over how cute everything was... what a fun idea for a family reunion. So, I talked to my mother in law about doing something with a theme. We decided on a Circus theme because... Circus stuff is really "cool" right now and because, well... the Scholes family really is a circus... it seemed so appropriate.

I was in charge of our photo booth. I simple sat up our cool shower tent.
I used a plastic table cloth from Walmart as the backdrop and my cool red wooden chair.
Then I put together a bunch of props for people to use. (apparently with a goatee I look like my little brother).
We had a lot of fun activities... like face painting...
Carnival games...
Cotton candy... (I found a cotton candy machine at a yard sale... I'm awesome!)
And I had a lot of fun making banners for decoration. This one I totally copied from the magazine article. I made a banner piece for every member of the family... that's 40!
I thought it would be fun to have a few banners to locate different areas of the circus.

I completely ran out of time, but I think we are going to save this stuff and continue the tradition. Next year, I'll add the bingo cards and maybe come up with some sort of fun table centerpieces... who knows.

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  1. Love it! You go girl - that's a lot of work!!!! Love the photo booth - can we do it at one of our bbq's sometime????