Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lego Party

My little boy turned 7 today!!! He wanted a Lego party. So I spent months scouring the blogging world for ideas. There are TONS of great ideas out there for Lego parties. I took what I liked from each blog and ran with it.
These were my favorite Lego Party Invitations. You can get the free printable HERE.
I also loved her idea with the Lego decorations. But I took it a little different direction and made a banner.
The kids loved that the banner was two sided... I think I'm going to hang it in the kids play room.
I got the Lego Pinata idea HERE. My only change to it was that instead of painting it, I did the second layer of paper mache with green paper. FYI, make sure you really enforce the hanging part... my string fell out and I had to re-tie it.
I thought I'd try to make some Lego Head Marshmellow Pops... I got the idea HERE. I just used regular frosting because I didn't want to buy an expensive pen. In the end, they turned out cute, but I was having problems with them right and left... I would probably leave them out next time.
We just used brightly colored birthday plates and napkins from the dollar store. I got the idea for the water bottles HERE. The party favor boxes were totally cute. I downloaded the free printable HERE.
For games,
  • we played "guess how many legos are in the jar?"
  • we had Lego car races... kids built their legos and raced them down a ramp.
  • we did a relay race where the kids had to take the legos from the full container to the empty container using a ladel.
  • and we played "pin the mustache on the lego guy."
For a downloadable pdf file of the Lego guy, click HERE.
And last, but not least, no Lego party is complete without a Lego cake! I made it with fondant to give the Legos that nice smooth look.

So, if you've noticed that I haven't posted in a while, its because I've been spending all of my free time planning and preparing for this Lego party!!! It was tons of fun and a huge success.


  1. this is totally awesome!
    My son wants a Lego party (next weekend eek!) I hope you dont mind if I borrow some of these ideas!!!

  2. Love your party! Pin the mustache is so cute. I'm glad you liked the invitations - thanks for showing them!

  3. Your cake looks awesome-did the kids eat the fondant?
    I always think it looks great but would be worried they would peel off the icing :0)
    I have just linked to other Lego party ideas on my blog but missed your post.
    If you have time do you mind linking to your post using the "Add your link" button on the bottom of the post here:
    I'd love to share your ideas with other Lego parents.

  4. Hi there,
    Visiting you from thebricklife.com! Love your Lego party!

  5. your marshmallow pops look great what did not work with them?

  6. thank you so much for the lego man pdf.. i have been searching everywhere for one. my son's party is next month and im buying and planning like crazy. i never realized how many ideas their are. love your invites so cute

  7. I love the foam sheets that you strung into a banner. What did you use to make the circles on the foam sheets?

  8. My little boy turned 7 today!!! He wanted a Lego party. So I spent months scouring the blogging world for ideas. There are TONS of great ideas ... legobirds.blogspot.com

  9. hi, i am not able to open any of your link. please help.