Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Playroom Project

For the past two weeks I have been busily working on my kids' playroom. I wanted it to be fun and whimsical, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money. One of my main goals was to have a place to display my kids' artwork. I had thought of several different ideas, but none of them really seemed right. Until a couple of weeks ago when I was at my sister-in-law's house. She had a strip of wood painted red with white clips on it. It clicked!!!- That was what I wanted to put in the playroom. So I went to Lowe's and bought some pine that was 1"x4"x48". Then I painted it black. Then the hunt began for the clips. I tried Lowe's, Robert's Crafts, Walmart, etc. I could not find them. Finally someone told me that they would be an office supply product (duh!). So, I headed to Office Max. For your information, they are called Bulldog Clips. Office Max had these really cute colorful ones. They came in packages of Red/Blue or Green/Yellow. Well, I was making 4 boards, so I needed 16 clips. The Office Max that I went to had only one package of Red/Blue and tons of green/yellow. So, I headed off to another Office Max. Luckily they had tons of Red/Blue. After a whole lot of running around, I finally got my boards put together. My sweet husband screwed the clips on and hung the boards on the wall for me.
Part 2 of my project was to paint these circles on the wall. I love to browse Pottery Barn magazines for decorating ideas. Whether or not I can afford to buy anything from there, I still love their ideas. And a lot of times, I can do it myself. I loved the idea of painting circles on the wall. So, I made myself a compass. I took a piece of string and push pinned it into the wall. Then I tied a pencil on the other end. And voila!- a circle. It was rather difficult to paint 3 circles in such bright colors, but 4 coats later, I love the finished look. I also loved this clock from Pottery Barn. But, once again, it was too expensive. So, I found a clock at my local craft store- Robert's Crafts. With my 40% off coupon, it was under $20. I used my Cricut to cut out the vinyl numbers for the clock (the clock came with some, but I did not like them). And here is my finished product.
Part 3 of my project was to put alphabet letters on the wall above my clipboards. I used my Cricut to cut out vinyl letters in varrying sizes and fonts. It was really fun and I love the finished look. Posted by: Anisa


  1. What a great play room. The boards turned out fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Those art boards look great!!

  3. I am making the same type of art board! I have it painted... I just haven't found a clip yet - I'll have to look for those!

    And I am SOOOO stealing your vinyl letter idea - LOVE THAT! I don't have my Cricut yet (shhh - it's a christmas present), but as soon as I get it that will be a top project!

    I am now following you.

  4. I love that idea! I've been looking for a project for my daughters artwork now that she has become painting obsessed!