Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tip Top Cake Shoppe

If you live in the Salt Lake Valley, I have a great recommendation for a Cake Decorator. Her name is Jacinda and her company is Tip Top Cake Shoppe. She is the Wilton Cake Instructor at Hobby Lobby and she is full of creativity! I personally have taken her classes and she is a great teacher. However, I have discovered that cake decorating is not for me! For one thing, you have to get it all done at once... it can't sit on my desk for weeks like many of my unfinished craft projects. For another reason, I am all about distressing... a distressed cake looks like a kid decorated it. And after you are done, people eat your craft:)

So, my little boy wanted a Bakugan birthday cake. And he wanted this specific Bakugan.

She turned this toy, into this cake!
Look at all the details... it looks exactly like the toy.
And it tasted great too!

So, check her out at www.tiptopcakeshoppe.com.

She does birthday cakes, cupcake birthday parties, wedding cakes, you name it!!!