Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I've moved!

We recently moved!  It was only a few blocks away, but a move nonetheless... lots of work!  I want to post pix of the house, but I feel like I have to post in baby steps... I want to post the rooms after they are decorated... well, partially decorated.  
 I'm starting with the entry.  This is my front door... it's quite pretty.  On the right is a coat closet.  I have a vase there with fake flowers sitting on the floor.  I have plans for that corner... stay tuned.  The left side is a alcove type thing.
 I decided it would be the perfect place to put my seasonal decor... since I have a lot of it.
I have a white mirror hanging in the back.  Then, I strung a banner across the opening.  I have a different sign there for each month.  I put a wreath on the right... it can change seasonally.  I know the wreath looks weird in the pic, but it is a willow wreath layered with a fall berry wreath in front... and a big black spider on it.  The candle sticks on the left can hold candles or other objects.  In the center, I have wood blocks for each month.   Then I can put whatever fillers I have.  I love the balance of the objects and I love changing out a spot seasonally.

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  1. Hello I love it! All of it! Wreath too - so pretty! Is your room a green color too? How soon can I come see the knew crib??????