Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Neon Laser Tag {Birthday Party}

My crazy little wild child turned 8!  He is my most spirited child... always wants to play... always wants to be outside.  He loves color and he really wanted a laser tag party.  So I decided to do a Neon Target theme for his party.

The invitations were designed in Photoshop Elements.  I found a target png online and used that for everything.
We began the party by handing out glow bracelets and necklaces to all of the kids.  Then, we loaded them in the car and had my hubby take them to Laser Mania (Our local laser tag place).
While they were gone, I had time to get the house all cleaned up, decorated and ready for the rest of the party.

They came home to a house that looked like this...
I bought a black light at Home Depot and made all of the decorations out of neon paper.  I also bought balloons at Walmart that had LED lights in them.

This is what it looked like with the lights on.  The center of the banner was designed in Photoshop Elements and then printed at Costco photo.  I then cut two layers of neon circles for the outside and strung it up with neon ribbon.  I had jars of glow sticks on the dresser along with the cake and the party favors.
I also made this cute target centerpiece.  The pinwheels are easy to make.   You just accordion fold the paper and hook it to itself.  Then you glue a circle in the center to hold it all together.  My hubby had just given me a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas, so I got to use that to cut out the targets in the middle.
I made a pizza shaped like a target for dinner.
And after dinner, they had cake...
and the birthday boy got to blow out his candles...
Here's a cheesy picture with the cake...
After cake and ice cream, he opened presents... and I sent the kids home with party favors...

Inside the favor boxes were neon gummy worms, a neon slinky and...
neon target charms that I made from Fizzy Pops.  The kit includes the bottle cap charms and the clear bubble stickers that you put over the top.  I designed the targets and got them printed on photo paper at Costco.


  1. This is so fun! Thanks for the link to Fizzy Pops! I have been looking for a source for those charms that is affordable for our Young Women New Beginnings gift.

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