Friday, May 22, 2009

1 Craft-3 Ways: Use a scrapbook product for a Non-scrapbook craft

In honor of our month of scrapbooking, we thought that for our 1 craft 3 ways we would use a scrapbooking product to make a non scrapbook related craft. I actually had another idea in mind, but then I was wandering around IKEA one day and I came upon this cute plant pot. I have been wanting a plant for my black and white living room, but I couldn't find a great pot. I loved the vertical lines of this pot.... and I love ribbon. So I came up with this idea. I just hot glued strips of ribbon to the pot!!! I love it! - Anisa

I love notebooks. I love making lists (and crossing things off my list). A recent tune-up on my sewing machine, some lined paper I made in Word (or make some using Photoshop and this tutorial), scrapbook paper and a few embellishments helped me make this:

It's been so great to have a cute place to put my daily tasks and long and short term goals. The best part was it was SO easy to make. Cut half sheets of lined paper (regular ol' computer paper) and a piece of heavier patterned scrapbooking paper. (I believe mine was 9" x 6"-or just enough to give about a 1/4" border all the way around.) Carefully sew down the middle of the book. For this part I didn't use my foot pedal. I did it all by using the turn knob on the side of my machine. (Do a test run to make sure your paper stack isn't too thick.) When it was all sewn together I decorated the front with a few simple embellishments, rounded the corners with a punch and inked the edges. It is my favorite notebook. -Ang

This craft is on the CHEAP!

First, I made these magnet board clippies with free promotional magnets (for animal vaccinations, of all things) and Mod-Podged squares of scrapbook paper on them that match my kids' rooms.

My kids always have so many things to hang up (little crafters, all)and they were really excited when I gave these to them.

Next, I bought some simple wooden spring clothes pins at Target for less that $2. I painted some red with acid-free acrylic paint (which I use along in my scrapbooking) and covered the others with Mod-Podge and Rusty-Pickle doodle paper.

I clip these on wires that I strung across my wall in my scrapbook/craft room and use them to hang un-finished scrapbook pages and cool products that I want to use on my next scrapbook page! --C

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  1. I totally love all those ideas...just wish I had money to make one of them. I'll dream for now! SUPER CUTE THOUGH!!!