Monday, May 4, 2009

I "scraplift"

Since May 2nd was National Scrapbook day, we thought we would dedicate the month of May to scrapbooking on our blog.  Stay tuned for fun contests and giveaways!

This week we are all highlighting How We Scrapbook.

So, this is how I scrapbook.  First, I'm not very creative.  I really can't think up things on my own.  I love scrapbook magazines!  I have subscriptions to two of them.  I look through my magazine as soon as I get it and I turn down the corners of the pages of the layouts that I like.  Sometimes I will write notes on the page.  Then I go through my pictures and try to figure out which pictures will go with the layout that I like.

Then I grab my supplies... cardstock, patterned paper, trimmers, adhesive, punches, buttons, ribbon, etc.  I tend to like to match my colors to the colors in the pictures that I am using on my layout.  Then I basically "scraplift" the layout.  I will adapt it to the size of my album or the amount of pictures that I have and the embellishments that I have, etc.
Here are some layouts that are on my old neighbor Maggie Holmes' blog.  I loved them all, so I took portions of each of the layouts....

...and I created this poster for Brenner's preschool student of the month.
Stay tuned for how Cami and Angie scrapbook later this week.  And please leave a comment and tell me HOW YOU SCRAPBOOK!!!


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