Monday, July 27, 2009

July Product Challenge... Pompoms

We have started a new feature where every month we will give our readers a challenge. It may be a theme, product, pattern, etc. July's challenge was the product challenge of Pompoms. Here is a cute burp cloth that one of our readers sent in for the challenge.
Bonnie said,

My name is Bonnie Gonzalez (Puerto Rico). This weekend searching I found your blog and absolutly love it. This will be my first interaction with any blog.
I saw your product challenge and found it interesting "pom poms". I sent you a picture of a burb cloth I made for my daughter few years ago. I made it very simple with a kitty applique. I hope to see it posted in your blog. It will really make my day.
Thank you and will keep on reading.

Thanks for sending a picture to us of your cute burp cloth!!! If any of our other readers out there have anything with pomspoms that they've made, we would love to see them!!! Just send them to our email at or send us a link to your blog.

I made a pillowcase dress for my niece that was trimmed with the pompoms. Love it!!!

Isn't she cute?:)
With the extra pompoms, I thought I make a page for my baby T. I love the hot pink pompoms and I don't even think it's too girly for a boy page!!!


  1. Oh my gosh how did I miss this post of my daughter! She is so cute I love the dress!

  2. I really want a pin cushion that I can somewhow attatch to my sewing machine so it is really easy to pull the pins out as I sew and put them away? Any ideas?

  3. We're working on that idea, Sydney.
    Thanks for the imput!