Friday, December 4, 2009

My new obsession!

I don't exactly remember what inspired me to make these... maybe it was that I love patterned paper so much that I want to frame it! Maybe it's that I love owls and this cute owl frame on the Storybook Cartridge for the Cricut. But, one day I came up with this cute frame for my craft room. I put vinyl on the glass and patterned paper inside the frame... I love it!!!

Then I went Black Friday shopping and the Cricut cartridges were on sale at Robert's crafts 4/$100. There were two that I really wanted, but if I was going to get such a good deal, I might as well buy 4. So, I went searching trying to find something I liked and I happened up the "A Child's Year" cartridge and fell in love. It is just full of silhouettes of kids and I love silhouettes. So, I went crazy! I made this frame for my son's teacher as a Christmas gift.
I'm participating in another craft boutique tomorrow (or today) and so I thought I'd make a bunch of fun random frames... just because I love them!

If they don't sell, some of these may be up in my Etsy shop soon!!! And I have plans to decorate my kids' playroom with a bunch of these.... stay tuned!!!


  1. Great Idea!! You should list these in your Etsy Shop, or make more! I bet they would be very popular. Keep on Creating!

  2. I love these. I have this cartridge and have hardly used. Do you buy the cricut vinyl or do you get it somewhere else?

  3. OO. I LOVE it. I found you on U Create. Would you be willing to sell just the vinyl as I do not have a cricut?

  4. I loved your guest post on U Create. I followed your steps and created some of these for myself. You can check them out here: