Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March Snow Showers bring Fabric Flowers

It snowed this weekend. But I was in the mood for flowers. So, I used Cami's Sizzix and some super cool wool fabric that I got from my mom's stash and I made some fabric flowers. I met a girl in my neighborhood a few months ago that was wearing a fabric flower similar to these. I asked her how she made them and she kind of explained it to me. So, I thought I would do my version and see how it turned out.
For these flowers you will need 6 flowers. We cheated and cut the flowers out on the Sizzix with a flower die. You could trace and hand cut the flowers if you want. I am using different colors in my sample flower so that you can see the layering easier.
Step 1: Take your first two flowers and off set them. Using a needle and thread, just pull the need through from the back.
Step 2: Fold the other 4 flowers in half (I ironed mine for the picture, but don't do that. You want them to fluff up).
Step 3: Layer the flowers like you would fold closed the top of a box... turning a quarter turn for every flower.

Step 4: Put your layered flowers on top of your other two flowers and pull that needle through the flowers again. Sew a couple of stitches through to make sure you get every layer.
Step 5: With that threaded needle still in your flower, sew a button in the middle.

Now, my multi-colored flower is a little wonky... but kind of cute. But let me show you some of my cuter flowers.
Gotta love my mom's stash of fabric!!!