Monday, March 8, 2010

My vintage mom

I love my mom. She is a funny person. She saves everything... and I mean everything. She's not that old (she'll be 60 this year). But she loves old stuff.... like antiques and always has. This past weekend we went to see my mom and I was telling my boys that she has boxes of my old halloween costumes (yes, they are already starting to plan what they want to be for Halloween). So, we immediately starting getting out the Halloween boxes. We found an old bug costume, dracula cape, jack-o-lantern, etc. But then we found a box with shoes in it!!! It's a good thing my mom and I wear the same size. Now I have 3 new (old) pair of shoes that I get to wear and I love them!

I also raided her fabric and have plans for fabric flowers, zipper flowers, etc. Stay tuned....