Sunday, April 10, 2011

The UN-singed Flower Tutorial

So, I had a lot of fun with the singed flowers... and so did Brenner. However, the main reason I decided to try to make them was for my niece's baptism. I wanted to make her a pretty white flower to wear and so I thought I'd try a flower with the scraps I had lying around. However, when I went to buy white fabric, I got thinking, "these are going to be kind of ugly with burnt edges... it won't be pretty and white." The funny thing is that when I was in line at Joann's buying the fabric, the clerk asked me what I was making with the fabric. When I told her I was making flowers she told me to use my Heat Embossing Gun instead. I tried it out and it worked perfectly... no dark edges.

So, here is my tutorial on the UN-singed Flower
(the tutorial is not on the white fabric because white doesn't take great pics on a white table.)

1. Cut out your fabric. I chose flower-shaped, but you can also just do circles.
2. I used something to hold my flower down... I used a metal piercing tool, but you can use a pen or pencil or anything... just don't use your fingers or you will get burned. Use your heat embossing gun to melt and curl the edges. Don't get too close or they will curl up and shrivel up fast. You will want to kind of angle the heat gun so it blows from the inside to the outer edges.
3. You will end up with a lovely pile of flowers that are nice and curly and they don't have ugly black or burned edges.
4. Layer your flowers. I use tulle, but I did not heat it because it just shriveled up too fast. I left it how it was. Sew the layers together with just a needle and thread.
5. Add a button or beads. I sometimes sew the button on and sometimes glue it on.
6. Cut a circle from felt so you can adhere your hair clip to the flower.
7. Put a circle of glue on the flower.
8. Stick the hair clip to the flower with the felt in between the tongs of the hair clip.

7. You now have a lovely gift to give to your niece for her baptism.....

or for whatever occasion you prefer... maybe I'll even be adventurous and wear one:)



  1. Anisa I love your flowers!!!! They are so cute I want to make some for peyton. Where do you get your heat gun thing? Or can you just use Fray check. Is it just so it won't fray? Or does it give it a cool effect?

  2. Fray check won't work because the heat actually makes the flowers krinkle up. You can get heat guns at a craft store... they are for heat embossing. Or you can use a candle and burn the edges.

  3. I LOVE THOSE! I would totally wear them in my hair - be so cute with short hair!!!!