Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My new feet!

I'm giddy about my new feet.... I guess I am just naive when it comes to the world of sewing. I sew straight stitches and that's about it. I barely know that there's a zipper foot (I've never sewn a zipper on anything) let alone other cool feet!

Okay, so I would first like to introduce you to the wide gathering foot. This thing is amazing. It gathers for you! You put the foot on, put your fabric in and start sewing. Soon I will show you the awesome scarves that I'm making with this foot.
Second I would like to introduce you to the ruffling foot. Quite complicated looking and really quite even more amazing. This little foot will gather and pleat for you and sew it to the bottom fabric all in one fail swoop. It is perfect for making aprons and dresses and the like. When I get done making scarves, I'll show you what it does for an apron. I am in love!!!

So, the truth be told, I've been working on projects like crazy... but Pinterest has sucked away all of my time on the computer and I have not been blogging much. I have a lot of projects that are almost finished and I'll get pictures of them up very soon:)


  1. Exciting!
    I just need a zipper foot.

  2. Stay away from pinterest!!!!! I was wondering when you would join that sight. I signed up months ago but saw how it would take my time away so I refuse to get on there. Just stick to blogging. And, I can't wait to see all these projects you're talking about!