Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pinned it and Made it!

Oh blessed....
... do you ever find yourself pinning idea after idea after idea and never doing anything with them? I often find myself doing that, but every once in awhile I really get some great ideas that I do use. I LOVED this idea from The Anderson Crew. I love the idea of being able to write "love" notes to each other. So, I dug into my mom's box of random brass candle sticks. I spray painted them with primer then with black spray paint. Then I glued my cute dollar store mail boxes on the candle sticks. I made our monograms on my Cricut with my mini monograms cartridge. To tell you the truth, I think mine are a little cuter:)
The thing that I do pin the most and actually make the most are recipes. Just thought I'd post a few that I made recently. These Rolo Cake Mix Bars from Cookies and Cups are heavenly. They really are easy except for unwrapping 40 rolos. The idea behind this brings endless possibilities. I was thinking of trying chocolate cake with Reeses Pieces or maybe chopped cashews with a Scores bar... I don't know... endless possibilities.
This Easy Cashew Chicken from Eclectic Recipes really was EASY. I thought it was good, but anything with cashews is good to me. My mom said it was nothing special... maybe that's the way to describe it... good, but nothing special.
I hope you are enjoying Pinterest as much as I am!!!


  1. I have a long list of items I want to make on pinterest. I am so proud of you for completing some yummy and fun projects. I also pinned the rolo cookies and plan on making them someday. So fun.

  2. Pinterest is my new Google. I'm happy to say that I do try to make the stuff I pin. Too bad I can't buy all the outfits I pin. :) Happy pinning!