Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ninja Birthday Party

I must be in the mood to's been a long time. I was going through pictures and realized that I had never blogged about my son's ninja birthday party.

First, I must say that I was not planning on doing a friend birthday party for him. We were going to Las Vegas to take my nephew to the airport so we were just going to go to Circus Circus for his birthday. But then the mommy guilt started... he already has his birthday so close to Christmas (Jan. 3)... he'd be the only kid that didn't get a birthday party... so, I threw one together at the last minute.

First, I don't like to buy anything. I try to make everything with stuff I have on hand. I found an idea for an invitation here and created my own using free clipart I found online.
I wrapped all of his presents in red wrapping paper with black ribbon. I printed tags to match.
I found a simple clipart for a chinese star and traced that to make his banner. I found a chinese looking font and made red circles for the center.
I really wanted to have his treat bags be chinese take out boxes, but they were just too expensive. Instead, I just bought black paper sacks and stapled a circle with a ninja in the middle as a cute tag. I put fortune cookies, little plastic ninjas and little plastic ninja swords inside the treat bags. I never buy the expensive party plates... I just buy dishes from the dollar store in the color scheme I'm using.
I went a little more simple on his cake. I just made a round cake and covered it with white fondant. I made a karate belt out of black fondant and tied that around the cake. Then, I just went through Joren's toys and found a plastic ninja knife and star and stuck those in the cake... pretty easy.
I had all the kids dress in all black for the party. I made a head band for each kid out of black felt I had laying around. I printed a ninja star in the middle of a red circle on iron on stuff and ironed that on white felt. I cut out the circle and glued that on the black felt headbands.

For the games we threw ninja stars... I cut ninja stars out of chipboard and spray painted them silver. They had to throw the ninja stars in bowls and got points for how many they got in.
We had a marshmallow relay with chopsticks. They had to pick up the marshmallows with the chopsticks and carry them to another bowl... It was kind of hard... I should have used bigger marshmallows.
If you're planning a party at the last minute, a pinata isn't a super good idea. You need several days to let the pinata dry between layers. Our pinata only ended up with one thin layer... so instead of letting them use a bat, we made them use a ninja sword... that way it wouldn't break as easily.

It actually turned out pretty fun that way.
I'd say for a spur of the moment ninja party, we ended up having a lot of fun!!!


  1. Your pinata is way too cute to smash!! What a fun party, fun memories, thanks for the post!

  2. What a wonderful party! I am trying to put together a ninja party for my son at the end of this month and I love seeing what others have done -- so creative! I love your black and red color scheme and the banner, especially. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thanks for all the ideas. We are doing the pinata and the games...

  4. I liked the Amazing idea of ninja theme for celebrating a birthday party. It seems Joren and his friends enjoyed the party a lot which is full of fun and mystery. Thanks for sharing your precious moments with us.

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