Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Salads

I'm not usually one to post food or recipes... and I'm not one to promote a specific product.  But when you find something you really like, I think you should share it with others.

A few years ago, my friend Jacinda was a consultant for Tastefully Simple.  I bought a few things from her, but the one that I love and can't live without is the Spinach and Herb Dip Mix.  To tell you the honest truth, I don't remember the last time I made the dip... I usually use the seasoning for other things.

My two favorite summer salads are this Macaroni Salad and Cucumber Salad.
 So, for the recipes... I'm not a measuring kind of person when it comes to salads.  So, here's what I do....
Macaroni Salad
Cook a package of macaroni according to package directions.
Hard boil a couple of eggs.  Dice them and toss them in the bowl.
Chop up a couple of strands of celery and toss them in the bowl.
Peel and dice a few cucumbers and toss them in the bowl.
Dice a couple of tomatoes and toss them in the bowl.
Throw in a few large scoops of Mayo.
Season with salt and pepper.
Season with Tastefully Simples, Spinach and Herb dip mix... I probably put in at least a tablespoon, maybe two.
Stir it all together and refrigerate.  Taste it and see if it needs more mayo, more salt and pepper, more spinach and herb seasoning... maybe someday I should measure things and write it down so I can get a better recipe:)
Cucumber Salad
Peel and slice about 6-8 cucumbers.
Slice up a red onion (I usually don't eat the onions, I like them mostly for the flavor).
Squeeze a little lemon juice, a little olive oil, a little rice vinegar (or really any kind of vinegar), a little salt and a lot of Tastefully Simple Spinach and Herb Dip Mix Seasoning.  (I'm guessing I use about a tablespoon of the seasoning as well as the lemon, oil and vinegar, but I'm not sure).  Toss all of the ingredients and refrigerate for a few hours.
I'm telling you, I love this stuff.  The other thing I use the Spinach and Herb Dip mix for is Deviled eggs.    I just mix the egg yolk with a little mayo, salt, pepper, garlic powder and the spinach and herb dip.... I also put it in egg salad sandwiches... I really love the stuff.

The seasoning is a little expensive.  I tried seeing if I could figure out how to make my own buying all of the other spices, but it would be just as expensive to buy them all separate.... and I couldn't find spinach flakes at the store anywhere, so needless to say, when I ran out, I bought a few bottles on ebay:)

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  1. Um my mouth is salivating so bad reading/looking at this blog post today. I love both of those salads!!!!