Friday, February 1, 2013

Angry Birds Birthday Party

My Joren decided a long time ago that he wanted an Angry Birds birthday party.  His birthday is so hard for me because it's right after Christmas (Jan. 3rd) and I always feel like I have so much other stuff going on... but, I want to make it just as important as all of my other kids' birthdays.

When we moved into our house, I was excited to be able to use my cute dresser in my kitchen.  Even though it had to be in front of a window, I wanted to have it for decor, storage and for the dessert table for parties.
It turned out really cute.  I found this free angry birds printable party pack at Shery K Designs... it was so nice to have!   It made things much easier for me.  I printed out the banner and of course, laminated it.  I had the pinwheels from my float on the 4th of July.  I made another black one and added the angry bird faces in the middle.  I put a stuffed angry bird in a sling shot.  And I wanted a dish of candy... I opted for gumballs.
Here's a close-up of the pinwheels.  
 I was able to squeeze our kitchen table and a folding table in our dining area.  I added a few balloons to the table.
 My table setting was very simple because I'm way too cheap to pay for angry birds cups, napkins and plates.  I splurged and bought one package of napkins... just black plates and red plasticware from the dollar store.  And I made a label for the drink containers with a little baker's twine tied around it.
 I had made these fun wood balloons when I used to teach wood craft classes.  I printed an angry birds face to tape to the front for another centerpiece.
 We had the party around lunch time and served the boys Angry Birds pizza.
For Joren's school class, I made each kid an Angry Birds Pig cake pop.    I didn't want to make a bunch of fondant to decorate then with.   I put a normal size m&m on the cake pop for the nose and mini m&ms for the ears.  Then I dipped it in green candy melts.  Before it cooled, I put the candy eyes on and brown sprinkles for the eyebrows and nostrils.  It worked out pretty well... some were way better than others.
I made Joren's cake.  It was just a simple 9x13 cake.  I frosted it green and made a little grass.  I stacked candy bars and put a few of the pig cake pops on the cake.  The sling shot was tootsie rolls and licorice (the tootsie roll melted when it got too warm).
 The majority of my activity for the party was our life size angry birds game.  I just made a face out of felt and glued it to the ball.  Our sling shot was two fence posts and some surgical tubing.
I made the pigs with green paper, clip art and #10 cans.  I spray painted some of the boxes until I found wood grain contact paper at the dollar store.

Our pinata was kind of sad... but who cares, when it's going to get demolished any way.  We made it with a balloon and just wrapped green crepe paper around it.  I printed the face off my computer and glued it on.  And I made a crown and ears out of card stock.  I don't know if it even had time to completely dry, but it lasted through all of the kids!

On their way out the door, the kids got a treat bag with an angry birds 3D puzzle and an angry birds fruit snacks package.  I love my cute striped bags from Pick Your Plum and the washi tape and stickers.