Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer Scrapbooking

I don't have time to blog any more... I really don't.  But for some reason, now that school has started, I thought I would do a little blog catch up of some of the crafty things I did over the summer.

I love to scrapbook... crafting is fun, but I love to scrapbook.  And every summer, I plan on getting tons of scrapbooking done since I don't work in the summer... but, I have kids to entertain and play with, so I don't get any scrapbooking done... It's okay, I'll get caught up some day:)

Here are the pages that I worked on.  I think I got all of 2011 finished, so I can start working on 2012.
A halloween party I did for my kids.
 The Jubilee of Trees... held the weekend before Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving... love layouts where I can fit tons of pix.
My hubby's birthday is in December.
Christmas Eve we went to Zion national park.
2 page spread of Christmas 2011
And the very last page of 2011... New Year's Eve

I still really love my little 6x6 albums I make for my kids.  Easy, simple quick layouts.  I don't put a lot in them, but sometimes there's just a picture that I take that needs to be saved... love this little boy.

Lastly, because I do two page spreads, there is always a page at the beginning of the album and end of the album that is a single page.  I try to put our family pix in those spaces... this is from 2009.  I had a few missing holes in some of my scrapbooks.

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