Friday, August 23, 2013

Map Mania... going global {parties}

I love maps... it's kind of the "in" thing right now.... or at least one of the "in" things.  I decorated my classroom with globes and map paper and I am always finding ways to use my maps.
Well, I saw this adorable Airplane party on Pinterest awhile back.  My cousin, Libby, was applying for flight attendant jobs... and I wanted to do a party like this for her when she got her job.  Well, she got the job!  So I got to plan a party...  However, in the mean time, I also wanted to have a dinner for all of the people who had helped babysit, drive carpool, etc. for my preschooler while I worked.  I loved the map stuff so much that I thought I'd find a way to incorporate it for both parties.

I came up with the "extra mile" idea.  This is the invitation I designed.
For the party we had foods that were from different countries around the world.  I used my super cute Pick Your Plum chalk board labels to label the country the food was from.  We put the (American) hot dog and hamburger buns in a vintage suit case.
I cut map paper into 12x12 squares and laminated them for placemats.  I used my cute paper bags from Pick Your Plum to hold the utensils.  The center pieces were either suitcases, globes or brown paper packages wrapped with twine.
For games, I found games from around the world.  I have included printables of the games HERE.  The favorite was "pass the parcel."  In the parcel, I wrapped tiny squirt guns from the dollar store for each kid.  They had a blast!

Then it was time for Libby's party.  We love to have family bbq's in Kanarraville.  In fact, we are renting our grandma's home as a vacation rental.  If interested, visit this site.

Libby found out she was going to be stationed in Chicago and would be moving there.  So, instead of doing a "global" theme, we had Chicago style hot dogs and potluck.

We had the same games and centerpieces, and decor.... despite the gale force winds that kept blowing things off the tables.
 My cousin's garage is the perfect backdrop for parties.
And it works great for pictures of me with my girl cousins:)
 And, of course, I had to serve peanuts... and peanut butter cookies.
thanks for stopping by:)

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