Thursday, June 13, 2013

Minecraft {Birthday Party}

Let me just say that I don't get the Minecraft game... but nevertheless, I got to plan a minecraft party.
For the invitations, I found this minecraft box printable.  I opened it in Photoshop and added text for the party.  We filled the boxes with rock candy.

My son mostly just wanted to get his closest friends together for a "late night" to play minecraft on the ipads.  However, I had to have somewhat of a party, so I decided to have a BBQ to feed the kids.

We set up our table in the back yard with some of the foods that you can eat in Minecraft.  We had pork, bread, melon, baked potatoes, carrots, red apples and golden apples and chocolate chip cookies and cake for dessert.  For decor, I printed this banner from the Party Animal and hung the "ghast" piñata my hubby and I made above the table.
I set the table with simple black square plates and napkins... a print out of the Menu and the silverware was in a gray striped paper bag from Pick Your Plum with a strip of green washi tape from Downtown Tape.
I used my cute little chalk board labels that I got from Pick Your Plum to label all of the foods.  I didn't just want to write on them in the chalk because I wanted the cute pixelated pictures on them.  So, I just printed those out doing a google search for the pictures.
I made my minecraft cake very simple.   Just a square cake covered with white fondant... and red squares out of fondant.
For the treat bags, I printed a Steve head on a brown paper bag.  Then, the kids had to go on into the back yard and find little square papers that were different textures from minecraft.  They had to bring those back to the crafting table and could get different prizes to fill their treat bag.  (I had printed the squares and crafting recipes from a blog, but my pin on Pinterest isn't taking me to the correct link for you to follow.)
Here is a picture of my youngest doing his crafting.  I covered a card board box with brown butcher paper and my hubby used black electrical tape to make the design on top.
My hubby and I made swords and pick axes from foam board and printouts he found online (he doesn't use pinterest, so I can't find where he got the printouts).  It was a pain in the rear... I wouldn't recommend it.... but that was mostly because I was having issues with my printer.... maybe you would have better luck).
I made the piñata is simply a cardboard box covered with white crepe paper.  Then we cut the face out of card stock.  Easy peasy.
We were able to use this print out to make our Steve head.  After the swords, there was NO way I was making a head for every boy, so we just made one to use instead of a mask for the piñata.  It worked out great.  (and just FYI, the creeper shirt was just purchased at Kohl's).

After the Piñata we headed into the house and the boys gorged themselves on candy while they played Minecraft on the ipads for an hour:)

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  1. AmAZING! You are one over-the-top chick, but you do it with such finesse!