Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Star Wars {Birthday Party}

My baby turned 5 (wow, I'm old) and for his birthday, he wanted a Star Wars party.

I found some great printables online from All Things with Purpose.  The first was a set of signs.  I put balloons on my front porch with the sign that said "Happy Galactic Birthday."
When the guests entered the house, they went to the kitchen table where they colored their Padawan training badge that I got from Libbie Grove Design.
After they got their badge, they were able to put on their Jedi Tunic.  I bought an old sheet from a thrift store.  I cut it into strips that were about 18"x36".  I hemmed the edges and cut a hole for the head.  They tied their tunic on with a strip of brown fleece.
I had seen numerous ideas on Pinterest for pool noodle light sabers, so I showed them to my husband and told him to make them:)  I figure anything involving tape is his area of expertise.
Then the boys headed through the back door for their Jedi Training.
My older sons and Princess Leia (myself) trained the boys... we used balloons and played games like... not letting the balloon touch the ground... we even tried sticking the helium balloons in the grass with golf tees, but the boys were too abusive and hit them so hard that they pulled out of the grass and flew away.
After they were trained, Darth Vader....
.... and Darth Maul came out to fight the Jedis.  (we tried to copy the Jedi Training at Disneyland).
After training, the Jedis were hungry and thirsty, so they came back into the house where I had the party set up.
I made the banner myself and just found a free Jedi font online.
I decorated the table with the food, some light sabers and an R2D2 popcorn bucket we had bought at Disneyland.
The cake was quite simple.  I got the idea from Cake Central.  I tried to pick an easy one.  I baked a 9x13 rectangle cake.  I frosted it with brown frosting.... I used the tip that has several small holes and just piped the fur on... I didn't care if it looked all perfect.  I used two different colors for the fur and a darker brown for the mustache.  I made the eyes, nose and teeth out of fondant (I keep small amounts of different colors of fondant in my freezer for things like this).
The plates were from Walmart.  The straws were from Pick Your Plum.
The water bottle labels were a free printable from Clean and Scentsible.
The napkins holders were a free printable from Catch My Party.
I got the idea for the "Wookie Cookies" from Craft, Interrupted.
Down the center of the table where the Jedis ate, I put my son's plastic Star Wars figures along with yellow sparkle stars I had cut out with a star punch.
I put my hubby in charge of the piñata.  He did a great job.  I showed him the idea I had pinned from the Thriftress.... but then he searched some more and put together several ideas.
We had the Jedis hit the piñata with a light saber...until we got worried the light saber would break.
The party favor bags were printed on white lunch bags.  I took the Jedi Knight certificate from Libby Grove Designs and edited it in Photoshop to say "Thank you for Coming to my Party."  The kids put their wookie cookie in the bag along with their candy from the Piñata. 


  1. Thanks for linking back, Anisa! Your party turned out adorable!! I especially love your pinata, but your costumes all looked amazing as well! Hope everyone had a fun day :)

  2. Looks like so much fun. My next child's birthday is in February. You're hired:)