Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Welcome to the Jungle {safari pack meeting}

I love the leaders we have in cub scouts!  They are awesome! I am in the Primary Presidency in my ward.  I am the person who oversees the cub scouting program.  I have a son in cub scouts and I want it to be fun!  So, last night, my cubmaster and assistant cubmaster came up with a jungle theme for our pack meeting.  We had a lot of awards to give out... including 2 arrow of light awards.
 So, we (my friend Haley and I) started by decorating the room to look like a jungle.  We took rolls of craft wrapping paper from the dollar store and cut them into 3rds.  Then we took the long strips and rolled them up to make the vines.  We cut leaves out of construction paper and hot glued them to the vines.
 Haley did a great job of accessorizing everything with the vines and adding jungle stuffed animals.

We had a cheesy skit from a safari powwow book that we had in our cub scout stuff.  The skit had us going through the jungle and finding bobcats, wolves, bears, webelos, etc.  At each stop, the awards were given out.
After the awards, I had the kids (cub scouts and siblings) make binoculars and go on a treasure hunt.  I had painted toilet paper tubes black and hot glued them together.  The kids got to choose their duck tape color and tape the ribbon to their binoculars.
Then they took their binoculars and followed clues.
 Their clues took them to a room by the kitchen where my amazing Webelos leader, Jenifer, had an a cute table of safari food set up.
 My favorite was the gummy skewers.
And she had cute bags of animal crackers with labels on them!
It turned out so cute.  The kids had a good time and it was short and sweet:)

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