Monday, September 30, 2013

White Trash Party {family reunion}

I have to preface this by saying that my mother in law is one of the classiest people I know.   She's all about glitz and glamour.  I started trying to have a theme for our family reunion a few years ago.  Some of the family gets into it and some don't.  This year we were sitting around and talking about it.  One of my brother's in law suggested a White Trash Party... the thought of it was just too funny... It upset my mother in law so much that we had to do it.

We started by simply making the invitations on Trash.  I saved and cut up boxes and just hand wrote the info on the back.
For decor, I strung a clothes line with thermals and panty hose and such.  I borrowed pink flamingos from a friend and stuck those in the ground.  Pretty simple.  We stayed in small cabins, but some of the kids put up tents to sleep in.
We bought a new toilet seat and used it as a picture frame with a picture of my in-laws inside.  That got tons of laughs from people.
For centerpieces, I saved bottles... mostly root beer and teryaki sauce and such... but I found a beer bottle so I used that too.  I cut flowers out of the boxes and stuck them on wooden skewers and put a button in the center.
For pictures, I bought a white table cloth and drew lines for a mug shot background.
My brother and sister in law got into the theme and bought awesome clothes at the DI!  My brother in law even cut his hair!
And last, but not least, we had to have boob cupcakes!
We always have a good time at our family reunions... even if it rained on us almost the whole time.  But, seeing my mother in law's expression to all of my white trash decor (and especially the boob cupcakes) was priceless!

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