Friday, September 13, 2013

In loving memory {funeral crafting}

This summer was a difficult one for me.  My beautiful, sweet, caring mom passed away.  She had fought a 5 year battle with cancer... and her body couldn't fight it any more.  I miss her greatly.  She taught me everything I know about crafting, cooking, being a mom... and things I should have learned from her... already kicking myself for not having her teach me how to thread her serger!

I am her only daughter.  So, it was my responsibility to do all the "crafty" stuff for the funeral.  I set this display up outside the relief society room where we had the viewing.  I had found the desk at a yard sale for $2 about a week before the funeral.  I painted it turquoise (her favorite color)... my mom was trendy when she didn't know she was!   On the table we sat things that only her close friends and family would probably know about her.
She loved:
her collection of green dishes
"fake" coke
counting and naming cows at the ranch
romance novels
doris day movies
she was born on flag day

Next to the table was my dress form with her favorite shirt... it was her "shopping" shirt.  My mom always wore that shirt when she would leave the house to go to the store or almost anywhere else.

On the left of the table is a frame that I gave her a few years ago.  It hangs in her home right when you walk in the front door.  It has a collection of 4x6 photos of her family throughout the years.

Most of all, she loved her grand kids.   Above the table I had a line of doilies with pictures of her with her grandkids.  They are attached with some chalk board clothes pins that I bought from Pick Your Plum.
That was mostly all we had to do as far as decor... the beautiful flowers that everyone sent were amazing!

My dad asked me if I would finish her scrapbook for her.

What I did, was take the book that we got from the funeral home for the guests to sign.  
I added the pictures from the funeral to that book.

We got a lot of cards for my mom's funeral.  My mom loves to save cards, so I couldn't throw them away.    I decided just to hole punch them and put them on rings to save them.  I took one of the cards that I thought my mom would like and used it for the cover.  I used the design that Maggie Holmes had used for a mini album class years ago as my design for the cover.
In her actual scrapbook, she had a section where she had saved all of the funeral programs and obituaries from loved ones over the years.  I felt that I needed to add her program and obituary to that scrapbook as well.
We were told my mom wouldn't last much longer a few days before her birthday.  So, this birthday was a hard one.... we wanted to give her something special... but not material.  My little brother nailed it... he got several birthday cards and had a bunch of her friends sign them for her.  I got her a flag with 63 stars.  She was born on flag day and she had told me a story about how her uncle would buy her a flag every year for her birthday.  He would get her a flag with the number of stars for how old she was.  Spending time with her was the best birthday present ever.

So, I added this page to her scrapbook as well.  

Now...I need to get back to my scrapbooks!  It's driving me crazy that I'm so far behind!

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss! This is a beautiful tribute to your mother.