Monday, September 2, 2013

Art Supply Caddy

In the spring, I was asked to teach a class on DIY projects for organizing your home for my church's women's organization (Relief Society).   To tell you the truth, I'm not super organized... I'd like to be.  So, when I was asked to teach this class, I thought... "well, this will be my chance to make all of the things I've pinned on Pinterest."

I'm sure you've seen this art bin idea floating around Pinterest using toilet paper rolls.  I had seen it and loved the idea.  However, I wanted my kids to be able to take out just one of the containers if that is all they needed at the time.  And since I save all of my garbage, I had been saving up Crystal Lite containers.    I simple covered a shoe box with fabric.  I decorated it with washi tape, twine and a tag I had laying around.  Then, I also decorated my Crystal Lite containers with washi tape. (I have to tell you that the washi tape didn't stick perfectly.  I had to glue the ends on with E6000 glue to make then stay on.)  Most of my washi tapes have been purchased from either Pick Your Plum or Downtown Tape.
I love that the containers are clear so my kids can easily see what's inside.  I love that they can take out and use just the paint brushes or colored pencils or whatever medium they are using at the time.  And I love how cute it turned out!

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