Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pinewood Derby

I realized that I never posted the Pinewood Derby last year, so I thought I would post a little of both years.

We basically used a checkerboard theme for our derby.  We were able to find a few things at the dollar store and the rest of the stuff I made.

We hung a few flags on the doors coming into the gym.  These larger flags were found at the dollar store.
Around the track, we set up a barricade.  We didn't want the kids getting near the track.  We got small cones.  We actually taped them to the ground. Then, we taped the flags all along the track.  To make them, I just found a checkerboard clipart and made b/w copies on cardstock.
 For centerpieces, I made a few fans/pinwheels.  I had made the blue and gold ones for a blue/gold banquet a few years ago... they come in really handy for all cub scout functions.  For the pinewood derby, I added a checkerboard one.
We used a few of them on the food table along with the larger banner from the dollar store.
 I made these trophies last year.  I spray-painted a car gold, silver and bronze.  I painted a 2x4 block blue.  The plaque in the front I just made in photoshop.  I got it laminated and nailed it on there with small nails to make it look more like a real trophy plaque.
 I put our pack # and the year on the trophy.
 I had a good time making signs and awards.  These are all items I made last year.  I made a wide variety of awards so that every boy could get one.  (I am so sorry, but I can not find my list of awards... there were some really creative ones.)
 I did not get pictures of these, but we had a weigh-in table.  This table had a scale, graphite, tools to fix cars, etc.  The boys checked in their cars...

...Then the placed them on the checked-in table.  On this table, I had black paper plates to put their cars on.
I also had a name card for the boys to write the name of their car.

 We had all the boys and family members vote for "best of show" at this table.

Then, the races began....

I hope you find some of this stuff helpful.  Everything I made was in Photoshop Elements, please feel free to email me if you would like any of the files.  anisascholes at gmail dot com


  1. Bahaha! Looking for ideas for our derby in 2 weeks and look who I stumble upon! Your so creative my dear!

  2. Do you still have a copy of the plaque file? I love those! Holding our derby soon. My email is