Saturday, February 22, 2014

Craft Room

We have a Casita (as they are called in St. George... means "little  house" in Spanish) attached to our house.  It's like a mother-in-law appt.  It is a bedroom with it's own bathroom and closet.  It shares a wall with the rest of the house, but has it's own outside entrance.  When we moved into this house, we couldn't quite decide what to do with it.  At first, we thought it could be a play room for the boys... they would have all of their toys, video games, etc. out there.  Then, we just decided to make it an office/craft room.  My husband is a full time student and he also works from home occasionally, so we figured he needed a somewhat quite place to work.

About 90% of the space is mine.... and 10% his... but he spends 9x as much time in there as I do.  My hobbies just take up way too much space.

This is the view when you walk in the room.  
The large printer belongs to my husband, but I use it a lot for posters for primary and other craft projects.  I love maps and found this fun colorful map at a garage sale to hang above it.
 This desk was a desk that we bought at Target years ago... at least 10 years ago.  I custom made the crates to go on the desk.  They all hold fabric.  This is the table that I use to cut out fabric and do my ironing and such.
 These bookshelves were purchased from Robert's crafts... back when they existed.
 Over the desk hangs a vintage umbrella that was my grandma's.  The original trim was white but very dirty, so I took it off and replaced it with a colored ruffly ribbon.  It just hangs there because I life it... no other reason.  It has a couple of tissue paper pompom clouds in it just because I have no where else to store them.
 I bought these lovely canisters at a yard sale... they are super cute!  I didn't want to ruin them by putting labels on them.  They hold things like zippers...
 I believe this small dresser is from Ikea but I bought it at a yard sale.  I painted it and modpodged paper on to it.  It holds staples, punches, etc.
 I love these tins that my dad salved from his work years ago.  My mom gave them to me several years ago to store craft stuff in.
 I love my cute tool box that I picked up at a yard sale.  The sewing box and thread holder were from Joann.
 And the vintage jars were from a yard sale.  Cute place to store extra thread and buttons.
 These cute bins are from pottery barn... but I bought them at a yard sale.  They old all of my felt.
 And these boxes I covered with fabric.
 This is the view of the other side of the room.  It is mostly my sewing table and my scrapbooking table.
 This cabinet holds my new Silhouette Cameo that I absolutely love.  Inside are just random craft supplies... love that I don't have to take up all the space in the cupboard to store cartridges.
 The desk was made with cubes that I bought from Robert's Crafts years ago.  We just painted a piece of wood and sat it on top.  The middle part as a shelf from a yard sale...
 ...and a cute vintage hamper from a yard sale that I use to store my wrapping paper.
 I love this shelf that I found at a yard sale.  The bins of buttons and such are spice jars from ikea.  The tin buckets are from Target's dollar spot as well as the cardboard boxes on the bottom shelf.
 I found these files at a yard sale and I love them for storing letters and die cut stickers.
 I love this lamp.  It provides a lot of light since I took the fabric off the shade!
 I made this ribbon/twine holder from an old drawer.  My husband drilled holes through the sides and I just put wooden dowels in to hold the ribbon.
 Here's the side view... I even left the handles on the drawer.
 On the desk are my pin cushions and dishes of buttons.
 On top of the ribbon holder is my most recent purchase from a yard sale.  I believe it was supposed to be a plate rack.  I had my hubby take it apart and put the two strips of wood closer together and I varied the length of the dowels to fit the color I needed.
 Last, but not least, is the hubby's side of the office.  It's black, more manly, and more messy...maybe I should clean it up and decorate it for him?
I hope this gave you some crafty inspiration.  I was just glad to finally get it cleaned up enough that I can now start scrapbooking!!!

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