Sunday, February 15, 2015

Blue and Gold "Pow Wow" Banquet

I love Scouts.  I have 3 boys and plan on spending a lot of time in Scouts.  I am currently the Unit Commission, Scout Committee Chair and the Wolf Den Leader.  Did I say that I love scouts?

I wasn't in charge of the Blue and Gold Banquet this year, but it turns out that two of my best friends are the Cub Scout Committee Chair and Cubmaster, so I got to help plan the banquet.  

Feathers, arrows and all things tribal are kind of a big deal in decorating right now.  What a better theme to have for cub scouts, than a Pow Wow!!!

I designed the invitations in Photoshop elements.  We wanted to use blue and gold, but more specifically gold glitter and add other colors of blue.
For the envelopes, I cut a feather on my Silhouette Cameo and added a little washi tape.
Centerpieces on the tables were wooden tree slices.  We had mason jars with beads tied around the top.  Inside the jars were feather arrows.  Some were blue, others were white or natural color with gold glitter tips.  Along with the jars, we either had antlers, succulents or teepees.
We decorated this backdrop with craft paper and washi tape.  
I also made a few basic dream catchers.
I made a make shift teepee out of just 1x2 boards and some twine tied at the top.  I used old white sheets to cover it.  The leader who was presenting our Arrow of Light awards had the fake fire... it was the perfect touch.
Our main course was navajo tacos.  I didn't snap a shot of those.  For dessert we had donut holes with an arrow through them.
We also had teepee cupcakes with gold and blue sugar.  They turned out sooo cute!
We had a little "tee pee" trail mix snack.

We had a craft table where the boys (and family) could decorate a headress.
There was also a station where the boys could shoot the bow and arrows at a target.
And I really can't take credit for much!  My partners in crime really pulled this off and made it a fantastic night!!!

PS... my oldest son earned his Arrow of Light at the banquet and is moving on to Boy Scouts!!!  I'm excited to start on this new adventure.
PPS... red pants looks awesome with the yellow scout shirt!!!

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