Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Video Game/iPad Birthday party {Terreria, Madden, MInecraft, Crossy Road}

For my son, Joren's, 9th birthday, he wanted a "late night" video game party... meaning a bunch of little boys come over and eat and play video games all night.  Sounded good to me... cheap and easy.
I created the invitation in photoshop elements.  I found a blank iPad template.  I had him text me a fake conversation... I took a screen shot of it and put that on the invitation.  Then I put his 4 favorite games at the bottom of the screen.
Whenever I have a party, I like to decorate the dresser I have in my kitchen.  Because it was a hodge podge of iPad games as well as playstation games, I decorated with all things gaming.  I had a banner left over from Brenner's Minecraft party as well as the Steve head.
I also put out remote controls on the tables, Skylanders, stacks of games, etc.  Joren had bought a football gum dispenser that he just had to decorate with... it worked out great because Madden was one of his favorite iPad games as well.
Brenner made this "Eye of Cthulhu" giant cake ball... that's something from Terraria.  
 And Joren insisted that his cake was his armor on Terraria... He also insisted it was made of fondant.  So, I baked 3 tiny square cakes and covered them in fondant.   Then, I tediously cut fondant squares and stuck them on the cake.
 I used mostly green and black because that was the minecraft colors and seemed to go with everything.  I made some torches for the table and also had Skylanders in the middle of the table.
 For the party favors, I got these little square buckets at the dollar store.  We put zombies and light sticks in there (both from Terraria).  We also put coins because, well, most video games have you collect coins in some way.

Aside from the fact that having a bunch of boys at my house late at night when I'm tired, it ended up being a fun party!!!

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