Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Embroidery on Jeans?

Who came up with the idea of using embroidery floss on jeans? Seriously? It's sooo cute and you see cute jeans like that everywhere. Well, I'm kind of behind the times, but I finally bought myself a pair of jeans with stitching on them... and they are totally cute! But they are still not my most comfortable pair of jeans. So, I thought, why can't I take my most comfortable pair of jeans, and stitch them with embroidery floss myself?

See these jeans.... boring! (But comfortable)
Ta Da! Just a little stitching here and there and now they are my most comfortable pair of jeans that are much more in style!
Now that it is warming up, I may have to see what I can do with my most comfortable capris!



  1. Love it!!!! You would never know those were done by you.

  2. How cute!
    You have been embroidering!

  3. Ok, I am so doing that! Thanks!

  4. Did you use a sewing machine or do it by hand?