Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Easter T-shirt Tutorial

I love seasonal matching t-shirts for my boys... I get them Christmas shirts, Valentine's Day shirts, St. Patrick's Day shirts.... but there are not Easter shirts. Even if there were Easter shirts... they'd be super girly with chicks, bunnies, pink eggs, oh my! So, I took matters in my own hands... and made them Easter shirts.
Here's what I did....
For the bunny, I did an applique.

1. Find a chocolate bunny clip art off the internet. Print it full page (8.5x11) and cut it out.
2-3. Trace the bunny onto Wonder Under.
4. Iron the Wonder Under onto your fabric.
5-6. Cut out the fabric. Peel the paper off the back.
7. Iron the applique onto your shirt. Sew around the edge of the applique to make sure it sticks... and because it looks cute... and because that's just what you do.

For the words, I did Freezer Paper stencil.

8. Cut your letters out on your Cricut... or some other die cutting machine... or trace them and cut them out. Iron the freezer paper onto your shirt, waxy side down.
9. ***Make sure you put something inside your shirt so the paint doesn't bleed*** Dab a mixture of acrylic paint and textile medium onto the stencil. Dry with a blow dryer to heat set. Peel the freezer paper off and you are done! (I tossed mine in the dryer as well to make sure it was heat set well.)
"My tail hurts"
They love them and couldn't wait to wear them to school. Totally cute, funny and totally boy! I let them each pick what part of their bunny was eaten!

Happy Easter!!!



  1. Those shirts are hilarious! I might have to make me one. That picture of Joren is so funny. He almost looks like, "come on mom hurry up and take the picture." :) :) :)

  2. These shirts are fantastic! Miss you :) Hope St George is awesome!

  3. Those are so hilarious!
    I didn't know you had such a great sense of humor when it comes to chocolate bunny mutilation!