Thursday, March 10, 2011

Button, button, who's got the button?

I spent about 45 minutes this morning doing a little more button organizing.... I stole all of my mom's buttons so I had several more to add to my stash.
The top dish is my large flat buttons. The bottom dish is the buttons that are not flat... ya know the kind that have the thing on the back that you sew on... what is that called? These are the buttons that I use to make my fabric flowers.

A whole pint jar of white buttons (I actually sent quite a few of these to the local thrift shop... how many white buttons do you need?)
More jars of buttons...
And my traveling case of buttons that I take when I go to a crop. Wow, that's a lot of buttons?



  1. Holy freak you have a lot of buttons. :) I love the way you organize - now let's see some cool projects you make with all these buttons. By the way those little jars are so cute where did you get those at?

  2. Of course, the cute little jars are from IKEA!!! They are spice jars so they are in the kitchen section.